Sunday, February 19, 2012


So this quarter of vet school has been cra-aazy so far. Every new quarter, I've heard that THIS one is the worst, and I look forward to it just so that I'll be done with it, finally. In my opinion, this one is really the hardest yet, and I've had to really scrape for time to do fun beady things.
I feel like I've made some sort of artistic breakthrough in the last week . . . I don't know exactly what it is, but it has to do with grabbing a bunch of reallyexcellentstuff and not being afraid to use too much goodness in one piece, and then letting the colors flitting behind my eyelids have their way with this piece and not THINKING too much. Maybe crafting more by intuition?
Also, I've been feeling a distinctive primitiveantiquedpostapocalypse vibe on and off the past couple of weeks. I have a buncha elements that I've been working with, but not much that I've been able to put together on a finished piece yet.
And, if everything works out, I'm gonna do a show or two this summer! Wheeee! I've already gotten way too excited about creating my table display. I want to create a mood, an atmosphere, not just sling a buncha pieces on a white tablecloth. There will be lots of unfinished wood and blue-green glass bottles, exotic animal sculptures and rough, natural elements.
 Preview of practice display!


  1. Beautiful art, as always. A show? Explain!

  2. A crafts fair! The Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show, to be specific. I get a table and set up shop and people come by and say, "My, what lovely jewelry! I shall buy it all!" And then I am happy and can buy more beads. This is my plan.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a follower. Do it all...why the heck not
    My plan to...just make money to buy more beads...junkie!

  4. Yes! I keep on telling myself that I should be saving bead money, not spending it all on more beads . . . but I can't seem to do that yet. ;) I'm a bead junkie too.