Thursday, September 29, 2011

My New BEADs!!!

No, it is that exciting. Exciting enough for all caps and three exclamation marks, which I rarely ever do.

I gave in to the enormous pressure of a big sale from my favorite bead company and went, possibly, a little overboard. The end result was that I ended up ordering a LOT of beads and went into debt to myself. There's a spreadsheet. It's a little complicated. I still owe myself 68 bucks, so I gotta keep getting Etsy sales so I can start accumulating the money to pay for Christmas, too. ;)

 This is how excited I was when I got:
 My big box of rocks!!!
Tourmaline in multiple colors, from watermelon green to that yummy pink.
Labradorite in rounds, nuggets, drops, rondelles, and puffed ovals.
Pink Peruvian opal and yum yum yum amethyst!
Chunky rose quartz and tourmalinated quartz behind there.
Rough aquamarine, smoky lemon quartz . . . eeeeeee!
Can't get over the schiller on this sunstone. o_O Love.
Faceted and brandy citrine.
More sunstone, ametrine, and this awesome rough, pebbly peridot.
One of my favorite stones, chysoprase.
Ohmigoodness!!! I've never seen beads this big. Ever. Enormous, faceted nuggets of rainbow fluorite.

I have a cardiac quiz tomorrow. And somehow, I will study, because I am a good student. But I'll be casting frequent longing glances over at my yummy rock box while I do.


  1. Ohmygoodness, Chels! You're crazy! You have so many beads! They are wonderful, though. :)

  2. are you interested in gemstone beads?