Monday, October 3, 2011


The pictures from last night were-interesting, but not amazing. I don't know what I'm gonna do come winter and I can't photograph outside. The light today was a little thin, so I'm not sure how great this batch turned out, but I think I got the props better matched to the feel of the necklaces.

 This is the cave woman necklace again on slate, with a hint of awesome tribal basket weave in the corner.
 Slate, basket, a leetle textured paper.
Okay, I am loving this picture, but I'm not sure if the color of the metal is blending in too much with the leaf. Thoughts?
The handkerchief might be too frilly; I liked the contrast, though. And the chain rocks.
A nice, bland shot of the rest of the necklace. Fish vertebrae inside carved horn, handmade lampwork from my favorite, Believe's Beads, foiled glass, a pebble of rough peridot, and . . . jasper?
 I feel like this one is working on some level, but does it look too busy, or are the props subtle enough to not detract from the focus?
 There's that old leaf poppin' up again. I feel like three kinds of brass chain is just enough for this piece. Can you ever have enough kinds of chain?
Slightly different perspective. That focal is probably between 60 and 100 years old; I bought it at an estate sale with a bunch of super old, yummy, corroded rusty grungy hardware pieces that I can't even identify half of. Pair with a tiny ceramic hand and a faceted drop of rough ruby with fuschite, and we are rarin' to go!

I feel like the photo shooting went better today,but this is a lot of work for every set of pictures! Totally worth it if it actually brings in more views, though. And I imagine it gets faster as one figures out what one is doing. Let's see what I can do with the light tomorrow!

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