Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Creek Becomes a River

I am still alive. Just wanted to clarify that.

I spent the summer working at a veterinary clinic as a vet nurse. I've spent many hours in vet clinics before, but always as an observer or a "little helper." Never been paid before.

I worked hard. My standing muscles developed so that my back didn't ache after the 11 hours on my feet. I learned a lot. I got to do jugular blood draws, insert venous catheters, draw up and give injections, identify parasites under a microscope, and clean a lot of nasty dog/cat teeth.

School has started again, and just like that my need to blog has returned. I don't understand my neural connection between book-learning and the absolute necessity of creating new things and charting them online. My crafty drive is back - it is a river again instead of the trickling little creek it was this summer.
I'm trying something new with the photographs; instead of simply photoshopping, I'm trying this online editor called pixl. It's fun experimenting with it, and I enjoy the effect.This is an example of how I feel like it makes the colors pop more without making them untrue to the real colors of the piece.
You can do montages, too.
What do you think?


  1. What absolutely beautiful creations! The photos look wonderful, inviting me in to touch those jewels!

  2. I like it! I especially love the fuzzy looking blue and pink bracelet! So glad to know you are alive, I miss you girl!

  3. I feel lazy about my photos now.. but that will pass. Lovely colorful work. Kudos for the veterinary work too.