Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Muse Has No Hands

The Muse, or Inspiration, has a thousand other names I call that feeling that grips me when I can feel a new idea tickling the back of my cerebellum. (Medically, I doubt that the Muse should be tickling at the cerebellum--it's probably somewhere in the cortex probably, but this is taking-the-metaphor-too-far.)
Sometimes the Muse seems to know exactly what it wants, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I don't think it knows how to put the feeling or picture into being. Sometimes I just second-guess it and refuse to let it do what it wants. Because, you know, the Muse has no hands.
The Muse wanted a copper bead to put into the above necklace - and these are things I made that the Muse rejected for this particular piece (mostly because the little buggers kept on taking on minds of their own and turning out quite different than I expected, but I was patient and let them do what they wanted. It's the same deal I made with my hair in high school - I let it do what it wanted, and it would in turn not look dreadful.)
This is, without question, the most frustrating part about being Intuitive (Myers-Briggs personality testing). I can only start with a vague idea of what I'm looking for (the Muse knows, but I don't), and I simply tinker and mix and discard until I end up with something that I like, regardless of how closely it resembles the foggy original picture misting through my imagination.
This is what I finally ended up with. It's very "out there," and when I finished I thought "Who's brave enough to wear this?" But the Muse insisted that I was finished, and so here it is.

And here, for no particular reason, are the posters I drew for the rooms at the CVF conference this weekend!


  1. I'm glad my Muse isn't as moody as yours. It mostly sits in the back of my head, now and then whispering, "Hey--hey! Make a slipper! With flowers! In teal! And make it like a flip-flop. But only one."
    Did you have to draw all 26 letters?

  2. Oh my gosh... I just found your blog - you witty, funny, creative vet student! I'm looking forward to poking around more. Making art AND studying? You make me feel guilty for sleeping.

  3. Oh..and the title of your blog is hilarious. :D

  4. You crack me up! You and your bossy muse, that is. Really enjoy your blog.