Thursday, March 22, 2012

Natural and Rustic Show Display Ideas

I was invited to do my very first show this summer at the Columbus Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show. I’m uber excited about it, and have spent waaay too much time since then planning out my booth.
 I’m wanting to evoke a natural / rustic theme, with dark weathered wooden crates and boxes mixed with natural elements like a hulkin’ big grapewood branch, animal sculptures, and stones. 
I couldn’t resist making creatures a mini-theme, ‘cuz of the whole “vet student” thing.

I’ve been looking for day valises and small vintage suitcases to use to add height to the display, and I struck it big at a local consignment/antique shop. I found this adorable leather suitcase with two separate compartments AND this weathered white shutter that will be perfect for displaying earring cards. 
I already know that by the time the show rolls around, I will have had the opportunity to gather approximately 6 times the amount of stuff that I need to adequately display my pieces. I am steeling myself to say “NO” to the wondrous items that I know I will find, because I also know that I won’t be able to stop myself from searching, just in case the *ultimate* piece appears. 
Hee. Mebbe I could run a side business selling the extra display items that I find . . .


  1. Chelsea: You will certainly have an interesting booth that people will want to study closer and then there's that gorgeous organic jewlery you make!

  2. The best indicator for knowing when you have too many display items is when they don't all fit easily in your car! I've had to cull down some pieces that I thought were really cool, such as the rusty metal riding lawnmower cowling display that I made which was so bulky but only fit a half dozen necklaces... boy though it was cool. And the second indicator is how it all fits together in your booth space. Seems like I'm still working on that even after ten years of doing shows, it's always evolving.
    I think your finds will all come together wonderfully.
    xoxo Kim

  3. Ooooh. I love all the stuff you've collected. Such a nice combo of colors and textures.