Saturday, March 10, 2012

See? I can make things.

I've been playing with my polymer clay and leetle letter stamps. 
It started with a mammoth the Muse  demanded I make and went on from there.
 This one I drew on with a black Sharpie and then sealed with wax.
 Means, loosely translated, "Art lasts forever, life is short."
 Y'like that upside-down "e"? Yeah, I did that on purpose. Really.
 For some reason, this one is screaming, "Sexual tension." Or "Britney Spears." Yikes.
 I like this one. Looks vaguely like a continent.
Not too hokey?

After that, there were the letters.
 And the numbers.
 Alcohol inks with a sponge.
 Then reeeally fine copper wire found at a thrift store.
 And smash 'em a little with a hammer.
 That's good, clean fun for you. Actually, my fingernails are still sorta purply-red.
See? I can make stuff. Nice things! So creative. So crafty. So clever.


  1. I'm not sure I ever questioned your ability to make things (no, definitely not), but I do appreciate the reassurance. =D I like the first one and the alcohol ink letters! Pretty colors!

  2. Clever indeed, aren't alcohol inks amazing on metal? Your polymer clay looks more ceramic-ky. me like-ey.
    xoxo Kim

    1. Thanks! I really need to score some Renaissance wax to seal 'em; right now I'm using an acrylic spray that I'm not sure how sturdy it is. I was *going* for a ceramic-ish look on the polymer, so yay!

  3. Yes you make some fine things ... I want some of those letter stamps now and some inks... We love our stuff

    1. Apparently you can *make* alcohol inks by mixing fabric dyes and rubbing alcohol. I haven't tried that yet, but it's supposed to work . . .

  4. I really like the look of those clay pieces. creativity on steroids I say.

  5. How did I miss all this cool stuff??!

    Oh,yeah...I was gone from my studio all through March. ;)

    LOVE the alcohol ink business...I've gotta find some of that stuff. Very cool.

    PS: Are you reading this? Ack on the parasites in a bird nest. :-O It's just sitting out on a kitchen window ledge where I can see it. ;) How do I kill parasites?